How can I use GTEx BAM files in Jupyter notebook?

I am having issues accessing GTEx data files from the Jupyter notebook option in Terra.

I’ve been following this documentation, but have been unsuccessful:

I was just introduced to this other documentation that uses terra-notebook-utils to copy file URLs to your notebook (as I understood it):

Am I required to pay to access the file?
Is this method just to download files?
Or should I be able to perform analysis in Jupyter notebooks here?

From Terra Support 9:25am EST

Your request (114082) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

From Terra Support 10:17am EST

Thanks for reaching out. GTEx files are in a requester pays bucket, so the user will have to provide a project to bill if they are accessing/copying the files. Please see this article for more information, specifically the section on using gsutil in a notebook: Using “Requester Pays” workspaces/buckets.

Thanks for providing the gsutil usage for billing details!