Error message: Bucket is a requester pays bucket but no user project provided

Good morning,
I was approved by dbGap to access the dataset phs002004.

However, the genotypic data are not available on dbGap but on []

I am able to see the datasets in my Terra workspace, go on google cloud, but once there I cannot download, and I see this message: “Bucket is a requester pays bucket but no user project provided.”

Any suggestion will be much helpful!
Thank you


Are you running a GATK workflow? Terra is currently experiencing a service incident where users are receiving this error when trying to run workflows. The main issue was resolved yesterday but the issue is still occurring for GATK workflows. Our engineers are working to resolve this as soon as possible. You can find some more information here:

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thank you for your response. I am trying to download some genomics data I was granted access by dbGAP.

Hi Ignazio,

Okay, thank you for clarifying. Could you take a look at the instructions at this link for accessing requestor pays buckets in Google cloud and let me know if it is helpful: Use Requester Pays  |  Cloud Storage  |  Google Cloud
You will need to add a billing project to be billed for downloading this data as the bucket has requestor pays enabled.

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