Use service account to access data in AnVIL_GTEx_V8_hg38 workspace

Hi all,

we are planning to perform some analyses on GCP using the BAM files from the AnVIL_GTEx_V8_hg38 workspace (terra-6c7f2bca). We have access to the files with our gmail account linked to Terra (the same I am using here) but we would like to use a service account on GCP.

I read in the Terra documentation that the best approach would be to use a group for this. So, we created a group in Terra called and added the service account to it. Now, I guess we need this group to have permission to access the data in the workspace. Could anybody please help us with this?

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Thanks for your question! You’re right that Groups are a good way to organize members and accounts.

Service accounts are a bit trickier than regular Terra accounts. It sounds like you were able to create the service account successfully, but still might need to register it. Can you let us know if following these steps in this post allows you to access the files?

Hi Ava,

thanks for your reply.

I actually already registered the service account but cannot access the files. What are the next steps?


Great! And you have shared the workspace with the group?

That’s the issue. I don’t have permissions to share the workspace with the group. I guess I need a workspace admin to take care of that…

Dear all,

I haven’t received any more feedback. Could anybody please help us with this?

Many thanks!

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Hi Roderic,

Can you confirm first if you are able to access public data (Terra) using a service account?

It is unclear whether service accounts are compatible with Authorization Domains but as a first step you can test if the service account can access the public data.

Hi Javier,

many thanks for you reply.

We just checked if we can list the contents of the public bucket with this command:

gcloud storage --billing-project guigolab-352014 ls gs://fc-ed391d18-3c0a-4499-a292-35ca51ebf381

It works running it with our gmail account but we get the following error using the service account::

ERROR: ( User [] does not have permission to access b instance [fc-ed391d18-3c0a-4499-a292-35ca51ebf381] (or it may not exist): does not have storage.objects.list access to the Google Cloud Storage bucket. Permission 'storage.objects.list' denied on resource (or it may not exist).

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Started a ticket with Terra Support:

Your request (320772) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

From Terra Support 13:00 EDT

It looks like there was an issue with the registered service account on Terra. We’ve resolved this issue so the user should now be able to access the public workspace bucket with the SA.

Roderic, can you try again?