Best practice for sharing data and compute with students in a class

What are best practices for providing free compute and sharing data+course materials students in a class, for the duration of a semester? I’ve started out, and so far I am using git to distribute materials (which seemed easier and more familar than gsutil_cp to transfer from workspace to student persistent disks), and sharing a workspace for the purpose only of providing free compute.

From Terra Support 4:17pm EST

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From Terra Support 10:03am EST

Thank you for writing in. If you intend to cover the costs of your students’ compute, you will want to either:

  1. Add them to your AnVIL billing project so they can create workspaces and start up Galaxy environments or
  2. Add them to a workspace with Writer permission so they can create cloud environments from that workspace

Are you having any trouble with using git to distribute your materials? Is there any other aspect of the set up you would like some help with? Let us know and we’ll assist as best we can!