Managing Conda on AnVIL

Is there a Cloud Environment stack already set up for managing conda environments or does conda need to be manually installed for every new Cloud Environment?


From Slack 5:19pm EST

[for] terra notebook runtimes, we don’t support conda […] welcome to contribute if they’d like to set up conda (might not be straightforward)….terra-docker/terra-jupyter-python at master · DataBiosphere/terra-docker · GitHub is where the setup would be

From Slack 6:29pm EST

It is two steps to install in the AnVIL terminal:


So, to confirm, conda needs to be manually installed for any Cloud Environment?

Kathryn, That does seem to be the case.

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Conda is not available in any of the standard images, but you could install it using the miniconda script as needed or build a custom image with it preloaded (plus any other tools that you would like)

Good luck!