Increasing computational resources for Galaxy on Terra?

Curious to know if increasing resources in Terra is possible (possibly in the works?).

Right now these are the current values I see:

From Terra Support 8:26pm EST

Your request (114581) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

From Terra Support 9:10am EST

Thanks for writing in. The alpha version of Galaxy doesn’t presently allow you to specify a custom resource configuration. However, our engineers are currently working on implementation of a feature that would allow you to set your desired resource configuration. They anticipate this will be available in a couple of weeks.

I will be happy to reach out to you once I get confirmation that this is available.

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Thanks for the response.

It seems that usually assigns 32GB to the each job running the main tool I am using (htseq-count, Galaxy | Tool Shed) but I am limited to 30GB of total system memory. It seems that Galaxy in Terra is just assigning an upper limit of 5GB to each of these jobs.

Most of these jobs either finish with no output, or keep running for longer than would be expected. Queueing jobs does not work well, as the system believes it has enough RAM for many at a time.

In short, the ability to increase total system memory will be great. But I am also wondering if assigning resources to specific jobs is also possible.

Looking forward to this update!