Categories! And Tags too

Heh! This post matches the one category that is available. :slight_smile:

If we go down the discourse path, we can have a huge impact on usability by thinking out our categories and tag strategy before going public.

Posts can only have one category, but they can have multiple tags. The initial category is assigned by the poster. It’s also possible to assign multiple tags to threads. I don’t know if only admins can add/create tags or not.

A couple of possible axes of categorization to get us thinking

  • Platform: AnVIL, Terra, Gen3, BioConductor, Galaxy, …
  • Consortium data: GTEX, 1000 Genomes, …
  • Domain: GWAS, Variation, Expression, …
  • Type: News, Platform, Data, Domain

I don’t particularly feel warm and fuzzy about any of those.

This is a great idea! We want to be mindful that a goal may be to automatically cross post responses to relevant ticketing/support communities where possible.

One challenge for a lot of new users is not knowing what tags to use, maybe we will need to help tag?

How about


As a start, any other suggestions? @cutsort @tnabtaf @SMO